Linux your true friend

Linux your true friend

You must be thinking what is Linux and why I need to learn it. so let me tell you that Linux is been on MARS. NASA’s Perseverance rover which landed on Mars, for the first time ever brought the Linux operating system to the Red Planet. if that does not excite you then let me tell you that more than 70% of smartphones worldwide are running the Android operating system. which is based on a modified version of the Linux kernel. Every Supercomputer Runs On Linux! Yes. Linux runs on all 500 of the world’s fastest supercomputers. It's a default choice when it comes to Supercomputers.

Linux is been with us forever and it will be forever with us.

Benefits of Linux

FREE - There is no cost for using Linux OS aka Kernel (Desktop or Server distro) and related applications.

Open Source - Yes! you can see the Linux kernel source code and modify it as per your requirements. It's easy to locate bugs, explore vulnerabilities etc.

Secure - The way this operating system has been built makes it secure by design. Be it Access controls, Package installations, Process management. The malicious attachments can't be executed as they could have on Windows. The open source nature of Linux makes this possible as so many reviewers are there to find and fix the bugs for you.

Reliable - You won't have to reboot it frequently, not sluggish in nature at all. Other Operating systems such as Windows requires a reboot almost after every software update, uninstallation etc.

Performs better - Linux based system's performance is always better than Windows OS'es because here you have complete control over system or application's configuration files which you can tune as per requirements. You have better control over process management than any other OS'es.


You must be thinking what is this kernel now the kernel is a program at the heart of the Linux operating system that takes care of fundamental stuff, like letting hardware communicate with software. it kernel is the middle man between hardware and system software.


There are many Linux flavors Operating systems that you can install on your PC or laptop and you start using Linux from day one. The one I’m using is Ubuntu and it is beautiful if you have an old laptop and you have installed windows and it keeps crashing then I will suggest you install any Linux flavor you like. I did the same thing to my laptop it is 12 years old and I still use it as my main and only laptop and writing this blog.

Linux Flavor OS

Linux has spawned several distributions over time, spreading its wings to encompass a large community of users. From desktop/home users to Enterprise environments, Linux has ensured that each category has something to be happy about.

These are the some most loved Linux flavor in their use case

Linux in Cloud and DevOps

Linux is the perfect choice when you need to run highly available, reliable, and critical workloads in a cloud computing environment. Wide support to devices, varied use cases, and systems.

In enterprises, both in-house servers and cloud servers are running Linux. At the same time, Windows Server use is declining continuously

DevOps, Cloud, and Linux all three go hand in hand. As they all are focused on two major aspects -

  • Customization:- As you have more freedom and control over Operating system functionality and can tune it accordingly it becomes the preferred choice for DevOps and to all Cloud providers.

  • Scalability:- Linux Operating system can accommodate larger workloads without hampering the system performance beyond acceptable levels. As it successfully supports the concepts such as clustering, multiprocessing, and load balancing. The basic functionality remains the same (such as a terminal, tools, configuration, automation, and code compatibility) irrespective of the platforms where you are using it. It can process huge amounts of memory as well.

  • Containerization:- Linux laid the foundation for the modern container platform rise. All the major concepts of the container ecosystem such as packaging and orchestration relies on Linux namespace and isolation mechanisms in order to operate.

So that's all for today. In the next article, we will know more about Linux commands.

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