Kubecon | CloudNative Con

Kubecon | CloudNative Con

In this article, I will be sharing my experience with Kubecon and why you should attend next time whenever you get the chance. if you are a person who is interested in cloud-native please go for it.

What is KubeCon + CloudNativeCon

KubeCon+CloudNativeCon is one of the biggest conferences in the world where users, developers, and companies who have or want to adopt the Cloud Native standard of running applications and use Kubernetes in their organizations, gather and discuss new ideas, learn deeper insights about it, make connections and have fun. Lots of excellent talks, events, meetups, parties, and competitions happen in a span of 5 days, which can make a newbie fall in love with this incredible community.

This year KubeCon was held virtually and in-person in Europe and I attend Virtually it was fun to browse through the spaces from my laptop and get live updates from in-person attendees through Twitter. so it was my first time and I was very excited to see all those amazing people and the new technology they are working on and we can learn so much from that.

KubeCon for Student

If you have seen the schedule of the Kubecon you get overwhelmed there are so many events it is not possible for students to attend and you don't have to what I did is filter out the topic which is I'm interested in the most as I'm a student I watch the ever that are tag for 101, student, etc and another topic that is I'm interested in. so please you also try next time whatever the way you like I never attend in-person so I can't say much about that but as I follow some awesome people like Kunal Kushwaha, Saiyam Pathak and many other shared their experience of being in-person in the event and that I way awsome than virtually. (please follow Kunal and Saiyam on Twitter and youtube if you want to learn more about cloud-native)

My First Experience of Kubecon

As it was my first event so there are many things that I don't but as I told you I follow so many awesome people on Twitter I got all the information that I need to attend the event like how to schedule your event as per your interest or time that you have to attend it. When the event started I try to attend as much as I can to learn a lot also make some notes also as I'm learning all the different tools to become a DevOps Engineer the more I learn about the cloud I feel like the close I get to understand the way of DevOps work or we can say that the way cloud worked works and I'm getting more interested in the cloud world.

So there are many things that I learn but I'm not going to explain them here because I know you will learn a lot of awesome things but it is more about the experience you get the connection you make with an awesome and common interests people in this type of event you will feel great when you see some many people with same interested or vision you have for that tech it could be anything.

At last, I will Thanks Kunal Kushwaha for introducing me to KubeCon and providing me the link to get registered for the event he is doing a great job Guiding Students. I come to know about Kunal while searching about DSA BootCamp. He introduced me to DevOps and I come to know that it is not that hard to get you job that you want. Tech job != Developer there are many other ways you can be in tech.

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